This violin is ready to play. It is just surplus to my present needs, so it is up for sale. Prospective buyers are welcome to PM me with any questions or for further photographs.
Several collections of music books. Prices approx 20-33 of listed price in very good condition, much cheaper if condition warrants. Condition mostly good to mint. Will sell all lots of flute or violin or choir etc. at heavy discount. Flute books are high quality for a serious student. Violin are also very good. Choir pieces are good quality maybe 100 single sheets 50 cents apiece prob 20 cents ...
VIOLINS1 Bestler with case and bow $40 342 Cremora with case and bow $150 123 Kiso Suzuki Stradivius 1720 Replica $100 444 No name violin with bow and case $55 44CELLO1 Becker Cello with SKB case $350 Needs string 1 Mark Five won too- to nine seven- for for for one
The Chelsea Symphony s presents its eleventh annual holiday concert -night Conducted by Reuben Blundell and Mark Seto this program will feature E.J. Lee and Brian L Thompson on Mozart s Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat Major on violin and viola and we welcome cellist Hsuan-Yu Yi to our stage to perform the Ottorino Respighi Adagio con variazioni. The nd half of our program will also ring in some ...
Selling my case keptnot included vintage 97 Mesa Boogie Maverick 2x12 dual rectifier two channel 30 Watt Class A tube . 4 literally new GT EL84s and a NOS Tung Sol rectifier tube. Can switch between solid state or tube rectification with the flip of a switch. No issues at all. It is in excellent condition. Goes from brown sound to bell chime to gritty bluesy to seriously vicious snarl to violin...
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