14-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Otis is a 2 yr old male who LOVES cuddles, drinking from the sink, and chasing his favorite toys. Prepare to be smothered with love when you return home from work every day -- seriously. While Otis ADORES his people, he is wary of strangers. Most of the time he is aloof and cold toward guests, but will hiss and swat at them if left alone in a small space. He would not do well in a house with ki...
14-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Rocky is extremely cute and cuddly. He uses the litterbox and never misses a meal. He loves playing with his catnip toys! I took him in about two weeks ago. I initially thought he was my missing cat (he's the spitting image). I quickly realized he was wasn't. I have not been able to locate his owner and he does not get along with my cat. He did not mind being around my large dog. The woman who ...
13-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
If Ernest Hemingway were a cat, he would be this cat. Tobi is an affectionate, independent cat with a big personality. When he's in the mood for attention he demands it. When he wants to be left alone, he'll retreat outside to prowl the streets. He's an outdoor cat and we are relocating to a large city and don't think he will do well in an apartment situation. Spends all day indoors sleeping on...
13-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Stormy is very young (2.5yrs old), super friendly and petite (7.5 pounds.). She is also adaptable to new households. Stormy is very pretty. She has grey tiger striped fur with white accents. Currently Stormy is an indoor cat, has all shots as of Dec 2016, litterbox trained (needs tall litterbox, preferably with lid) and quite playful. Stormy lives with 1 of her offspring, 1st Born aka Big Bruis...
11-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
It is with a very heavy heart that I need to find a new home for my cat Georgee. I adopted him two years ago. Unfortunately, I went through a divorce and had to relocate. I now share an apartment with a dog owner whose dog does not get along with Georgee. I have been trying to make it work for nearly a year but, with my schedule and him having to spend all of his time in my bedroom, I must fina...
9-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Isabelle was recently a stray until I took her in. * She is approximately 1 yrs old and full of life! She loves early morning cuddles in bed and giving kisses. Isabelle also enjoys playing. She is often exploring the apartment and will chase after my dog's ball The cat also likes to beg for food and will eat almost anything if allowed. (I suspect she might have been a dog in her past life ) She...
9-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Mala is coming up on 10 yrs old. I rescued her as a kitten found by a family friend. She's always been healthy and while she's a bit standoffish towards other cats and dogs, she is very tolerant and never attacks. She's a little chatty, and her biggest time for cuddles is at night when you're going to bed. She's relatively low energy and very low maintenance. She can do well in a family home wi...
Kiki is a gorgeous and very loving, adorable girl. She is a glossy black kitty in search of a warm lap and soft hands. She is about 2yrs old, spayed, and up-to-date on her shots. She has been living outside and in a secure area of our barn, but I ...
7-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Hi, I'm Milo and am a very affectionate cat that really enjoys to play. I have very soft orange tabby fur and attractive facial expressions. I may be a little shy at 1st but, with a little time and patience, I will be a good friend and companion. Most days I would just like to cuddle and gives quiet, gentle purrs when being pet. Some of my favorite things are string toys, warm laundry, and most...
I adopted Tiny from A single person who owned her and let her dearly. I love her dearly as well, but I have too many family members who visit and are allergic to cats. She is the prettiest cat ever She does not scratch up furniture or jump up on anything.
7-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
I was living in West Campus in Austin, Texas in 2010 when this cat came up to my 1st-story window and started meowing at me. He was abandoned by a student in my housing complex and I started feeding him and letting him sleep in my house. At 1st I just thought of him as a friend that came to visit, but when it came time to move I realized I couldn't just leave him to fend for himself again. He's...
Misty is a sweet cat! She was given as a gift from a shelter when she was just a kitten. She is seven years old now. She is looking for a home that provides love, patience, fun and lots of cuddles. She loves to be scratched and stroked underneath her chin and on the bridge of her nose. She also loves to lie next to her owner and purr softly while being stroked on her back. She is low maintenanc...
7-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Thundercloud (sometimes referred to as Cheese Tuna by her fans) is a pretty young cat, probably not even or just a year old. She can be a bit shy at 1st but takes quickly to anybody who'all feed her and scratch her head, loving sitting in my lap and chasing my hands (not a biter, and very delicate with her claws). Ive never once heard her meow or hiss, but she purrs as hard as any kitten and he...
7-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I took in two feral kittens from Perla's outside South Congress in December with the intention of getting them socialized to find them a home. They have had their shots / been neutered. We have recently moved into a one bedroom apt and already have two dogs as well so we are looking for a nice home for them. They are about eight months old. The black cat, Monkey, h...
Ollie has been with us for almost five years and seeks attention! He loves to play and run around the house chasing fuzzy balls and treats. His purr can be heard throughout the house and he will sleep curled up at your feet every night. He's been a fantastic member of our family since he was a kitten but with recent work schedule changes, we've been unable to handle his high energy demands. Thi...
7-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Hellow everyone. This is Willow. She's a shy little tabby cat. We just relocated to Austin, and have to rehome her due to living issues. She's very shy, and loves to sleep under the bed. She doesn't do well with other cats, but has bonded very well with my mini schnauzer. I'm sad to separate them, but I do want to see her go to a great home. She's about 2-3 years old. She up to date on rabies. ...
7-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Nala is about to be 3 yrs old. She is very independent. Nala is very precious, loves to lay next you if you let her. Does not get up on furniture. She will run to the door and greet you when you come home, much like a dog.
7-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
She is very vocal and cuddly. Only a lap cat when she wants to be. Smile. She needs a home without another cat in it. She is extremely domanant over our other cat and has scratched our son out of fear. She needs a 1 cat home and someone who can love her since she is an older set in her ways cat. Please help us find a nice home for her. Thank you.
7-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Eddie is kind, gentle, and loves to hang out in the sun. You can definitely say he's an attention seeker. When he was picked up, Eddie was covered in dirt, burrs, and looked a bit ruffed up but cuddled up to us like nothing was wrong. During his vet visit, he surprised everyone because he loved getting a bath and was fine having his claws trimmed. So he's now clean, and has also been fixed. He'...
7-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
My boyfriend and I started feeding some stray outside Perla's on South Congress. After a few weeks of feeding them every night he captured them and brought them into The Humane Society to get their shots then let them back out. It got cold so we brought them into our condo, they were too feral t be adopted. The black cat, Monkey, became comfortable immediately always wanting to be around us. Th...
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