We adopted this baby kitten in 2003 in Baraboo Wisconsin. She has been with our family for 15 yrs. I recently had twin grandsons born and they are 18 mnths old now and having to move in with us and the littlest of the twins is allergic to the cat hair. I am getting older and cannot keep up with her brushings and daily care. She is so independent and very loving. She will come up to you to give ...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Sweet Lorenzo! He has had too much upheaval in his young life, and only now are things settling down for him. He knows the value of family - he has 2 sisters with a strong personality, so he let them take the lead and take care of him. And now that he is in his foster home surrounded by comfort, food, love, and toys, he is starting to relax and feel joy and happiness! Starting with toys! He imm...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Active! Affectionate! Easygoing! Hello from Millie Meow! She's grey and white, and up all night- playing that is. Millie Meow's favorite pastime is playtime. Ms. Meow will chase that feather wand toy until she crashes in to your lap. Despite her name, Millie Meow doesn't let out too many meows. Her preferred method of communication is a deep rolling purr. She's all about those chin scratches an...
I adopted Mabel 13 yrs ago, she s a precious, loving, purring lap kitty. She is now almost completely blind and has done very well adapting. But I recently realized my youngest son is allergic. I can get all her shots updated before ahe goes to a new home. She perfers a home without dogs, but she gets along with them fine. She has longhair and loves to be brushed on her back but not her belly! ...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Adopt Rummy a Black & White or Tuxedo Domestic Short hair / Mixed cat in Austin, TX (22889999) great with cats, nice with children, housetrained, shots current, spayed/neutered
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Got dogs? Squirtle may be a tiny squirt, but he rules the (good, cat-friendly) dogs in his foster home! He follows them around, sleeps on their beds, and makes sure they know he is Small-but-in-Charge. Like to watch TELEVISION? Squirtle will sit on your shoulder and watch with you! Like to get dressed up? Well, Squirtle doesn't like to get dressed up, because he thinks he is perfectly attractiv...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Playful, Athletic, Energetic Skyler believes in playing hard, and then playing harder! He's not the sitting pretty, staring out the window type. Instead, he keeps his exquisite, muscular physique in motion! He gives his games all he's got...majestic jumps, huffing and puffing as he goes after his 'prey' and running with agility and grace. He especially loves his birdy toy, but will play with an...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Happy, playful, cute This little sweetie is as cute as they come!! Her facial markings are very unique and her big, inquisitive eyes will melt your heart! Drag Queen has had a rough start to life. She was hit by a car which has left her incontinent and she requires medication, which she takes easily. This is hopefully a temporary situation but for now, she does require a little help in using th...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Some of the best things in life come in tiny packages. Engagement rings, pieces of gourmet chocolate, and Zinnia. She is a BIG cuddler, though, and is willing to cuddle as long as you are. However, playtime is when she really shows off her toughness and puts her big brothers in their place! To see more of Zinnia and her brothers in action, check them out on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
If Zeke could talk, his 1st word would be play. And his 2nd word would be play. And his 3rd word...well, you get the point! That's his favorite activity. After playtime, Zeke likes to relax with some snuggles. He loves cuddling with his brother and sister, as well as his people. Check out the entire cute crew on Instagram at - https://www.instagram.com/codysblamer/ All APA! cats are fully vette...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Zeno will play and play and play until he can't play no more! To him, every game is an opportunity for him to show that he is King of the Mountain. He's always looking for his next Mt. Everest to conquer and summit. Once Zeno is tuckered out, he loves to cuddle. Eventually he'll fall asleep in the most cute positions. He's the perfect mix of white and orange and snuggly and cute and fun. Check ...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Runa is a lively, energetic kitten who loves to run around the room to explore each nook and cranny. She'll make gigantic leaps to capture anything dangling from a wand toy. Runa is happiest when she's with her best buddy, Lincoln. They would love to be adopted together! Learn more about Lincoln here -https://www.austinpetsalive.org/adopt/available-cat-details/?ID=62811 Just look at Runa's inqu...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
I fostered her through her friend. She s two and sprayed. Previous owner was a senior citizen and couldn t take him back as he moved to senior housing. She is super friendly and loves patio. Preferably a house where she can just hang by the patio would be ideal for her. She s really cute and takes little to get adjusted. But once she gets to know you she loves to cuddle and just sleep next to you
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
This little guy was a rescue that I ve had for a while, but was from a painful previous relationship. He s technically my cat, but I have crippling allergies, and although I love him more than I can possibly explain, I m barely functional around him. It breaks my heart that I m unable to care for him, but my allergies have gotten so bad, I can t even breath out of my nose around him, and my eye...
15-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
We went to help a lady in distress about a very sick kitten....only to come home with him two hours later. NOT planned at all. This tiny sick kitten had a rough eight days. We did not think he would make it. Then we thought he would lose both eys. Then we thought he would lose only 1 eye. 3 weeks later 'little' Walter RULES the roost. He runs, jumps, plays, chases the full grown cats, begs for ...
14-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
I may have roots in hardboiled crime fiction and melodramatic good looks from German Expressionist cinematography, but have no fear of cuddling up for The Big Sleep with The Big Heat that I exude from my dramatically photogenic perfection. I also have vintage purrs. All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have updated vaccines and a micro chip. Lifetime support is offered by our...
14-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Lovable, Snuggly, Curious Ever have those days where you just want to snuggle up with a cute cat? Every day? It just so happens that Butterbean is a snuggle specialist! He'll happily curl up on your lap or relax into your arms while being cradled like a baby. The icing on top of this Butterbean is that by the time you pick him up, he's already rumbling away with his little, purring motor. Butte...
14-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Adopt Kit a Gray or Blue Domestic Short hair / Domestic Short hair / Mixed cat in Austin, TX (23714371) housetrained, spayed/neutered
14-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Gentle, Loving, Friendly Haunter has the most gorgeous baby blues and his gorgeous coat is super soft. But, don't take our word for it. Spend a little time with him and see for yourself! He loves people and will invitingly wind around your legs, sweetly head butt you and curl up in your lap as he purrs away. He loves being carried too! He'll give you loving, hello pats on your face with such ge...
14-Nov-2018Austin, TX+14 milesCats for Adoption
Two stunning, cute litter-mates in need of a great home. I fostered them in 2012 and have kept them since. However, I can not keep them any longer for financial reasons. They are calm and docile, but like to play from time to time. Sage, the tabby female, loves to snuggle. Both are spayed/neutered. They are healthy and up to date on shots. I will send with litter box, bowls. and a bag of food. ...
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